Benefits of fast, reliable Content Delivery Network

Only a premium global network can truely deliver your content to your
visitors seamlessly and effectively. The CacheCentric CDN is that network!

Reduce Page Abandonment

Loading time is a major
contributing factor to page
abandonment. The average
user has no patience for a page
that takes too long to load. 16%
of people will abandon a
website within one to five
seconds if it hasn't loaded.

Increase Revenue

Revenue is shown to increase
by 1% for every 100 ms of
improvement to your page
load time and a one second
delay in page response can
result in a 8% reduction in

Improve customer
satisfaction and retention

As little as a one second
delay in page load time was
sufficient to induce a 16%
reduction in customer
satisfaction.* 52% of online
shopper's state that quick
page loading is important to
their site loyalty.

Improve page ranking in
search results

In 2010 Google advised that
due to its "obsession" with
speed, it would now include
speed in its algorithms for
each search ranking.

Improved perception
of your brand

People judge your brand by
how quickly your pages load.

Boost server performance
and save money

Our CDN will distribute the
load, save bandwidth, boost
performance and reduce
your existing hosting costs


Pay only for what you use

Why NOT having a CDN is affecting your business

Don't waste your advertising dollars

The statistics speak for themselves. If you are spending money in an attempt to direct people to your website and are not using a CDN you are wasting a great deal of money and forfeiting a large amount of revenue.

Are you ready for the mobile expansion?

There has been an explosion in tablet and mobile users worldwide. These users depend on speed more so than desktop users who have a stable internet connection. Our CDN will give you the best chance providing these users with a fast page load time and thus the best chance of converting an enquiry into a sale.

Are you protected against DDOS Attacks?

The increases in revenue, client satisfaction, brand perception and page ranking enjoyed by utilising our CDN can be completely destroyed in minutes if your site is taken offline by this growing and problematic phenomenon. The most common complaint we hear is "we didn't think it would happen to us". With over 7000 Distributed Denial of service (DDOS) attacks each day, the chances are you will become a victim. Without the right protection in place you run the risk of becoming a statistic. CacheCentric partners with Australia's leading provider of DDOS protection. For a quote or more information regarding DDOS protection please contact us on

* Aberdeen Group study