How does it work?

You need to get your content to a large audience now? We'll get it there for you!

Cost Reductions

CacheCentric servers many
Petabytes per day in traffic so you
can use our pricing leverage to
save yourself data and money.

Bandwidth reductions

Once cached, your file is served from
hundreds of servers worldwide,
meaning your website is generally left
serving the things it was designed to
serve - the website itself.

Easy to Navigate

It's as simple as prefixing your
URLs with our own URL. We also
do custom hostnames so the whole
thing can be rebranded. It
really is this simple.
All browser requests for your files come to one of our servers. If our server does not have the file in its cache, it will redirect the request to your original URL, where they can get the file from you directly. The CDN Master analyses the whole CacheCentric server network, and if it sees that any of your files are proving to be very popular, it will download your file and send it to all of the OpenCache servers for a period of up to 24 hours. All subsequent requests for that file will be served from the CDN servers directly.

The decision making process of the CDN master is all configurable by you, so you can tailor your caching solution for your website's needs.

CacheCentric Partner Program

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